OEM custom made hydraulic cylinder for industrial vehicle hydraulic tilt cylinder for loader

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OEM Custom Made Hydraulic Cylinder for Industrial Vehicle

The OEM custom made hydraulic cylinder for industrial vehicle hydraulic tilt cylinder for loader is a type of hydraulic cylinder that is specifically designed for use in industrial vehicles such as loaders. This hydraulic cylinder is used to control the lift and tilt of the loader to enable efficient loading and unloading of materials.

Features and Advantages

  • Twist Capability

    The hydraulic cylinder has an exceptional torque transmission capability, ensuring that it can handle heavy loads with ease.

  • High Elasticity

    The hydraulic cylinder has high elasticity, which helps it absorb shock and vibration during operation, ensuring smooth and efficient performance.

  • High Precision

    The hydraulic cylinder has high precision, ensuring that it can lift and tilt materials accurately and efficiently.

  • Improved System Stability

    The hydraulic cylinder helps to improve the stability of the system, ensuring that the loader remains steady during operation.

  • Extended Equipment Lifespan

    The hydraulic cylinder is made from durable materials that are designed to withstand harsh conditions, ensuring that it has a long lifespan.

  • High Adaptability

    The hydraulic cylinder is highly adaptable and can be used in a variety of industrial vehicles, making it a versatile and reliable component.

Working Principle

The forklift tilt cylinder works by using hydraulic pressure to lift and tilt the loader. The hydraulic cylinder is connected to the loader's hydraulic system, which pumps hydraulic fluid into the cylinder. The fluid causes a piston located inside the cylinder to move, which in turn lifts or tilts the loader.


The forklift tilt cylinder is commonly used in forklifts and other industrial vehicles that require lifting and tilting capabilities. It is particularly useful in warehouses and other facilities where materials need to be loaded and unloaded quickly and efficiently.

Structure and Components

The forklift tilt cylinder is made up of several main components, including the cylinder barrel, piston, piston rod, and end caps. The cylinder barrel is the main body of the cylinder and contains the piston. The piston is a cylindrical component that moves up and down within the cylinder barrel. The piston rod, which is connected to the piston, extends out of the cylinder barrel and is used to lift and tilt the loader. The end caps are located on either end of the cylinder barrel and are used to seal the cylinder.

Maintenance and Care

To ensure that the forklift tilt cylinder operates smoothly and efficiently, it is important to perform regular maintenance and care. This includes checking the hydraulic fluid levels, inspecting the cylinder for leaks or damage, and lubricating the cylinder components as needed.

Specialized Design

As technology continues to advance, certain types of forklifts may require specialized designs for their tilt cylinders. These specialized designs may be necessary to accommodate the unique requirements of the forklift and ensure optimal performance.

About the Company

Ever-Power is a leading manufacturer of hydraulic cylinders in China, with a focus on providing high-quality products, affordable prices, and exceptional customer service. The company specializes in a range of hydraulic cylinders, including forklift tilt cylinders, lift cylinders, boom cylinders, and more. With a design and production capacity of 200,000 sets per year, the company uses state-of-the-art CNC machines and automatic assembly equipment to ensure the highest quality products.

In addition to forklift tilt cylinders, Ever-Power also offers a variety of other hydraulic cylinder products for a range of industrial vehicles and applications, including high-altitude work platforms, industrial vehicle hydraulic cylinders, drilling rig cylinders, crane cylinders, excavator cylinders, dump truck cylinders, and sanitation machinery cylinders. Customers are welcome to provide drawings and samples for customized products.

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